SIFI 2021

The fifth edition of the Sarajevo Innovations Festival, a showcase of student research papers, was held on October 23, 2021, at the Holiday Hotel in Sarajevo.

After the online phase of activities, a breath of fresh air was the opportunity for participants to exchange experiences and share their accomplishments with a live audience. The rules remained unchanged, and we successfully continued the tradition that began in the year 2016.

1st place Emina OkanovićETF Sarajevo, "Development of a Multichannel Signal Acquisition System from Electronic Skin"

2nd place Adis PanjevićETF Sarajevo, “"Compensation of Ambient Conditions' Influence on Measurement Output of Electrochemical NO2 Sensor"

3rd place Anja Plakalović i Esma Herenda, ETF Sarajevo, “"Application of Machine Learning Models for Heart Arrhythmia Detection"

The "Dr. Branislava Peruničić" award recipient was Emina Okanović, who also won the overall competition.