SIFI 2020

The fourth edition of the Sarajevo Innovations Festival, a showcase of student research papers, was held online due to pandemic conditions on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

This year, for the second time, students from outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina also participated. The event was conducted online, and the evaluation of the papers continued following the rules introduced in 2018.

1st place – Amar Halilović, ETF Sarajevo, "SLAM Algorithm for Multi-View Heterogeneous Camera System"

2nd place – Arnel Maksumić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Mostar, "Application of Measurement Strips Using Arduino Microcontroller for Detection, Measurement, and Tracking of Various Mechanical Quantities"

3rd place – Damir Hanić, International University of Sarajevo, "Pilot Project for Air Pollution Combat in Large Urban Environments"

The "Dr. Branislava Peruničić" award  recipient was Arnel Maksumić, who came in 2nd place overall.