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The STELEKS association was formed in 1968 and is a proud recipient of the 6th April Award of the City of Sarajevo. Furthermore, STELEKS is in charge of many successful projects such as SIFI, Steleksijada, the New Years' and 8th of March Quizzes, as well as organising students' participation on competitions such as Elektrijada and STEM Games.

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Sarajevo Innovations Festival (abbreviated as SIFI) is an exhibition of student works that gathers engineering students from Bosnia & Herzegovina and the region, and was founded in 2016 by the then-board of STELEKS. In addition to the presentation of student works, which is is the competitive part of the event, the Festival also encompasses lectures and workshops about various current topics related to students, science and engineering. The goal of SIFI is to encourage students to be innovative and write papers, and to become a recognizable technical and science fair, which will benefit both students and companies participating in SIFI.

Scientific papers are evaluated by reviewers, distinguished professors, and experts in the field of engineering and technology. Based on their assessments, decisions are made regarding which papers will have the chance to be presented at the event. In the competitive segment of the event, the papers of all participants will be evaluated by a committee according to the following criteria:

  1. Applicability
  2. Innovativeness
  3. Compliance with the IEEE format
  4. Based on the total of all scores, a ranking list is created, and the best papers will be awarded.
  5. Na osnovu zbira svih ocjena pravi formira se rang lista, a najbolji radovi bit će nagrađeni.

SIFI 2016:

Number of papers submitted: 7

1st place – Amina Bralić, "Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with an Application Example in Voltage Control System Automation."

2nd place – Eldar Kurtić  i Nermin Čović, ” Power electronics universal board”

3rd place – Dalibor Đumić i Faruk Čidić “Blink-Controlled Virtual keyboard”

SIFI 2017:

The Inaugural 'Dr. Branislava Perunčić' Award for Best Woman Paper was introduced this year.

Number of papers submitted: 18

1st place – Nermin Čović, Almir Bešić, "Global Search - Free Fall"

2nd place – Dalibor Đumić, Jasmin Kevrić, “Arrows System – Blink-Controlled Electric Wheelchair”

3rd place Practical Implementation of a Hardware-In-The-Loop System for Measuring Bit Error Probability of BPSK Signals in AWGN Channel.

Best woman paper – Mia Muminović, "Segmentation, Labeling, and Object Identification in Digital Images"

SIFI 2018:

Number of papers submitted: 9

For the first time, student papers from outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina are participating, and the 'Dr. Branislava Peruničić' award will no longer be awarded for the Best Woman Paper; instead, it will become an award for the best paper rated by the authors themselves. Additionally, a new feature at SIFI: in the competitive segment, a fourth rating is introduced, given by a committee composed of representatives from companies and reviewers during the poster session. Essentially, this rating evaluates the poster and paper presentation. Each committee member provides their assessment for the presentation, and the final score is calculated as the average of all committee members' ratings.

1st place – Amar Halilović, "Building a 3D Map Using the MonoSLAM Algorithm"

2nd place – Amila Jakubović, "Tuning PID Controller Parameters Using Genetic Algorithm"

3rd place – Dženita Škulj, "Remote Force Control in Medical Robotics"

The "Dr. Branislava Peruničić" award  recipient was Dženita Škulj, who came in 3rd place overall.

SIFI 2020:

Number of papers submitted: 8

This year, for the second time, students from outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina also participated. The event was conducted online, and the evaluation of the papers continued following the rules introduced in 2018.

1st place – Amar Halilović, ETF Sarajevo, "SLAM Algorithm for Multi-View Heterogeneous Camera System"

2nd place – Arnel Maksumić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Mostar, "Application of Measurement Strips Using Arduino Microcontroller for Detection, Measurement, and Tracking of Various Mechanical Quantities"

3rd placeDamir Hanić, International University of Sarajevo, "Pilot Project for Air Pollution Combat in Large Urban Environments"

The "Dr. Branislava Peruničić" award  recipient was Arnel Maksumić, who came in 2nd place overall.

SIFI 2021:

Number of papers submitted: 10

After the online phase of activities, a breath of fresh air was the opportunity for participants to exchange experiences and share their accomplishments with a live audience. The rules remained unchanged, and we successfully continued the tradition that began in the year 2016.

1st place – Emina Okanović, ETF Sarajevo, "Development of a Multichannel Signal Acquisition System from Electronic Skin"

2nd place – Adis Panjević, ETF Sarajevo, “"Compensation of Ambient Conditions' Influence on Measurement Output of Electrochemical NO2 Sensor"

3rd place – Anja Plakalović i Esma Herenda, ETF Sarajevo, “"Application of Machine Learning Models for Heart Arrhythmia Detection"

The "Dr. Branislava Peruničić" award  recipient was Emina Okanović, who also won the overall competition.

SIFI 2022:

Number of papers submitted: 9

This was the third year for us to welcome students outside Bosnia & Herzegovina, this time from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, Serbia. 

1st place – Faris Mehmedović, ETF Sarajevo, "Accelerating Inference Process for Methods of Deep Learning
Using the OpenVINO Toolkit"

II mjesto – Nikola Milenković, Nikola Stojiljković, Hristina Todorović, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, "Speed and Direction Control of a DC Motor Using L293D IC and ARM Architecture Microcontroller"

3rd place – Isam Vrce, ETF Sarajevo, "Almond Classification Using Expert-Generated Labels and Supervised Learning Algorithms"

The "Dr. Branislava Peruničić" award  recipient was Isam Vrce, who also came in 3rd place overall.